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Hello, world. I’m Trashpanda.

I like to build things. I am a self-taught programmer who later studied computer science. I fell in love with the Apple II while typing in listings from Nibble magazine. I learned to code by making shareware computer games in high school. I discovered the web at MIT, where I wrote my first HTML and battled LEGO robots.

After school, I started a web development shop with a friend. It failed. I joined a startup, moved to San Francisco, and watched the city empty out during the first dot-com bust. I built quizzes and dating sites by day, and drank in dive bars with friends at night.

I dabbled in the social gaming space but left at the dawn of the modern mobile era. My side project, TweetList, was an early Twitter client for iOS. It was big in Japan, and the blind & accessibility communities. I learned a bunch about a11y and i18n.

Recently, I've been creating hospitality software. I’m focused on soft real-time web and mobile applications in React and Elixir. I'm inspired by good UI/UX and enjoy building products for people. I consider myself a generalist, but strive for mastery in these areas.

You can find me one GitHub trashpanda001, Twitter @trashpanda_dj, Instagram @trashpanda_dj, or email


p.s. I also like to DJ deep melodic house music.

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