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About Trashpanda

Hi. I'm Trashpanda.

I like to create musical journeys and DJ deep melodic house. My tastes lean towards electronic dance music, but I appreciate most genres. I also play some piano.

You can find all my mixes on this website and you can stream many from SoundCloud. My most popular sets are Pillars of Creation performed at Burning Man in the Root Cathedral and Edifice Complex on the Sanctuary art car. I've made a bunch of other sets between trips to the Nevada desert.

I've made a few bootlegs and mashup tracks, like The End of Time (Watts Up Mix) and Sonne Park und Zebra. I am slowly learning the principles behind music creation and production with tools like Ableton and Serum. I enjoy the lectures and writings of Alan Watts.

Contact me via Twitter @trashpanda_dj or Instagram @trashpanda_dj or email, if that’s your jam.


p.s. I also like to build things with code.